TXT recently released the music video for their latest track, “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You).” To celebrate, the group took part in an online showcase where the group performed tracks from their new album and shared behind-the-scenes stories from the video.

In particular, they looked at a scene where member Yeonjun is driving the other members around as they dance along to some music.

As soon as the first shots of this were released in the music teaser, fans couldn’t help but wonder how this happened, considering many of them thought that Yeonjun didn’t have his license.

During their showcase, the members acted as fans of their group, and Yeonjun revealed information that answered fan’s questions about his new driving skills.

Yeonjun apparently got his driver’s license for the music video. I heard his driving skills are great.

—  Yeonjun

| M2/YouTube    

Despite Yeonjun’s confidence in his new skills, the other members did not seem to agree. Hueningkai added, “I heard that the rest of the members felt uneasy.

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Taehyun even reminded Yeonjun that he made a scratch on the vehicle when the group filmed in the car!

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Luckily, Yeonjun seemed to get the hang of it after some practice. All of the members looked like they were having so much fun in the music video. Even Hueningkai admitted that he did well during the behind-the-scenes footage from the music video.


Make sure to watch TXT’s new video for “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)” to see Yeonjun’s driving skills in action!