On August 2, U-KISS‘s Dongho posted on twitter, “I will drive safely, following traffic laws and regulations. Thank you all for supporting and cheering for me” along with a picture of himself. The tweeted photo shows Dongho wearing a pair of big thick-rimmed glasses, holding up his newly issued driver’s license.

Dongho became eligible to take the driver’s license test as he turned 18 this year. He was born in 1994. Although he is very busy as a member of U-KISS, going back and forth between Korea and Japan, Dongho found the time to study and prepare for both writing and driving test portions of the whole process to get the driver’s license.

Netizens congratulated Dongho upon hearing this news, “Congratulations, Dongho! Drive safely,” “Now you can go for a ride with other U-KISS members,” and “I want to be in the passenger seat of the car that Dongho drives!”

Meanwhile, U-KISS has a busy schedule ahead of them. U-KISS will be appearing in Japan’s biggest music festival, A-Nation Music Week, and will hold their first Budokan concert on September 5. After the Budokan concert, U-KISS plans to release a new album in Korea in September.