What does daddy singer have to say to his loving supporters? Every now and then, you have to put your foot down and let the public know where you stand. Even if that method is through the Twittersphere! U-Kiss member Eli told fans like it is, sweetly stating that he ignores negative tweets, ….plain and simple! Honestly, who wouldn’t! He has been kindly responding to KISSMe’s messages left and right, in addition to supporting a fellow celebrity who just joined the popular social networking site.

Read his exact words [typed from his fingers]  below: 

“um yea~ sorry i couldnt mention everyone~~ ill try and get to you all next time… Love you all!…i try to ignore negative tweets like “do you hate me/us,i wont be ur fan,my day is ruined,the only 1 w/o a reply, etc.)so please be positive….everyone please follow one of my favorite dong saengs and the best young actress @actress_dayoung *^^*”

What do you think about his stern yet warm messages?

Credit: @u_kisseli