Eli and Soohyun of U-KISS renewed their contracts with record label NH Media.

As part of their exclusive contracts, the boys will be continuing their activities with the group. The two will be joined by fellow active U-KISS members Kiseop, Hoon, and Jun.

A day before the decision was made public, Soohyun expressed his gratitude to U-KISS fans on his personal Instagram account. The caption, posted alongside a simple selfie taken for fans, reads “Thank you, KISSme (U-KISS’ official fan club).”

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Meanwhile, U-KISS will continue on as a five-member group following the recent departure of long-time member Kevin. In a hand-written letter released on U-KISS’ official fan cafe, the former member assured that he would continue to cheer them on, adding, “I hope that you all will forevermore continue to love the hardworking and amazing members of U-KISS.”

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