U-KISS and UNB member Jun attended the press conference for MBC’s new weekend drama “Goodbye to Goodbye” held in Seoul on May 23.

Based on a web novel of the same name, “Goodbye to Goodbye” is a story about a married woman in her 50s who ends up living with a single woman in her 20s. With completely opposite lives, the two women run into conflict when it comes to their respective lovers, marriages, pregnancy, and more. They grow closer as they help each overcome these difficulties. In addition to Jun, the cast includes Chae Si Ra, Lee Sung Jae, Jo Bo Ah, Jung Woong In, Jung Hye Young, Yang Hee Kyung, Kim San Ho, and more.

Speaking first about the press conference itself, Jun shared, “As this is a place where I’m with many great seniors, I do feel burdened.” In regards to working with these senior actors, he commented, “I get to act with [them], who are all great and impressive people. Even at the script reading, it felt like I was seeing celebrities. As they are great seniors, I do feel pressured. However, they all look after me so well, so I end up learning a lot as I act alongside them on set.”

Jun also spoke about feeling pressured by the drama itself, saying, “I was fortunate enough to receive a positive response in my previous production, but I’m more nervous now. Back then, they were saying I did well considering it was my first time [acting], but now I feel like I need to show improvement, so I am more burdened.” Jun added, “However, everyone is leading me well so I am happily learning a lot.”

Jun concluded, “I feel like I’m gaining a lot of things through this production, and I plan to gain even more until the very end.”

“Goodbye to Goodbye” will premiere on May 26 and will be available on Viki! Check out the trailer below!

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Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews