U-KISS’s Kevin, ZE:A’s Dongjun, and LABOUM’s ZN will all appear in the omnibus web drama “About Love.”

The web drama will be four episodes, broken into two episodes called “Milky Love” and two episodes called “Secret Love.” Dongjun and Chinese CF star Yurina will star in the “Secret Love” episodes while Kevin and ZN will be the leads in the “Milky Love” episodes.

In “Secret Love,” Dongjun and Yurina will portray the sweet and secret romance between the lead vocal in a top idol group and a Chinese reporter. Previously, Dongjun appeared in the web drama “Aftermath” and “Aftermath Season 2,” which garnered 60 million views in China, so expectations are high for this web drama as well. Dongjun’s “About Love” co-star Yurina has been in Chinese commercials with popular Korean actors such as Kim Soo Hyun and Song Jae Rim.

Kevin ZN

All four episodes of “About Love” will be released on March 2 through Naver TV Cast.