Singer/actress Uee confessed that she talked back and rebelled against her parents when they asked her to move in with them.

On the episode of “Strong Heart” that aired on March 20, Uee revealed that she lived away from her parents for six years as she prepared to enter into the entertainment industry. Then one day, a photoshopped image of Uee was spread on the Internet. Because Uee’s parents were concerned about her, they told her to move back in with them.

When Uee heard this, she felt sorry toward her parents but at the same time, she felt like they would be interfering with her life. So she replied, “I don’t want to live with you. What did you ever do for me?” She confessed that she rebelled against them.

Uee continued, “I was so sorry that I hurt my parent’s feelings but even more than that, I didn’t have the nerve to call them first so we didn’t speak for about a month.” After a month, Uee said she thought about her parents a lot and decided to live with her parents. She called her mother and apologized to her and said she wanted to live with them. At that, her mother replied, “Yes, you were wrong, right?” as she accepted Uee’s apology.

Uee has been living with her parents for over a year now. She said, “Nowadays, I really enjoy living with my parents – we even have a drink of soju once in a while. They were surprised at my alcohol capacity,” ending her story with a warm atmosphere.