Uee‘s sexy and alluring look has been revealed through a recent photo shoot.

Uee’s Vogue Korea photo shoot was revealed on July 25 where she displayed her perfect body in sexy outfits. She posed on a carousel, utilizing the pole to emphasize her sexy look.

During the interview, Uee said, “When people think of poles, they think of clubs but to us, we call it ‘pole art.’ If the song was too flashy, we thought it would sound like any other club music so we chose a sad song,” and “At first, it looked easy so we quickly made a decision to do it. But it really hurt so bad that it felt that our skin was ripping. When I couldn’t practice much because of my drama, I felt so rushed that I started to cry. But I kept trying hard until I could finally do the moves that I couldn’t before and I eventually fell into the art of pole dancing. I wanted to show off this art as quickly as possible.”

It seems like the physical efforts didn’t stop at pole dancing since Uee has been working hard yet again for the diving mission through “Barefoot Friends.”

Uee plans to carry out her solo activities as well as After School‘s overseas activites in the meantime.

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