After School’s Uee showed off her beautiful body for the fashion magazine “Singles” April edition. The hand bag brand Samantha Thavasa worked with “Singles” for the photoshoot that transformed Uee into a spring goddess. In the photoshoot Uee is holding a blue handbag.

Uee chose the hand bags personally that would match with the concept of the photoshoot. A representative of the photoshoot stated, “This project was a good combination between Uee’s graceful and lovely charms and Samantha Thavasa’s charms. Uee’s superior model-like ‘S Line’ body and different poses won over the staff of the photoshoot.”

Recently on the March 20 episode of SBS “Strong Heart” Uee talked about moving in with her parents after living at the After School dormitory. She ended up apologizing to her mother on the phone for initially rebelling against the move in.