After School’s Uee showed strong interest towards 2PM’s Chansung. Uee appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together” and she said, “I like guys like 2PM’s Chansung.” On the episode of “Happy Together” episode, they played a game where the male/female guests became couples. Before they began the games, the guests were asked who they would want to partner up with.

Uee chose 2PM’s Chansung, and when asked why she said that “I would like to know more about Chansung.” The emcees asked “What do you want to know about Chansung?” and as she was getting badgered by the questions, Uee said, “In reality I like guys like Chansung, that’s why I want to know what kind of person he is.” It is being said that Chansung couldn’t hide his joy and nervousness. Uee appealed to Chansung with sexy dances and also received the jealousy of the other 2PM members. This episode of “Happy Together” will be broadcast on August 4th.