After School’s Uee cheered on the unit group, Orange Caramel. On September 14, Orange Caramel had their comeback stage for “Lipstick” on KBS “Music Bank.” Uee, who is a MC on the show, showed off her friendship with a cake prepared by herself in order to congratulate Orange Caramel’s comeback after one year.

Uee sent a message of encouragement by saying, “I am so happy and proud to be able to personally introduce my Orange Caramel dongsaengs, who’ve made a comeback after a long time, on a program that I MC on. I hope they will work hard and show good appearances.”

The day of Orange Caramel’s comeback stage was also Nana’s birthday. Nana expressed her thoughts by saying, “I was really particularly nervous by Orange Caramel’s comeback. However, I was so thankful for the many people who wished me a happy birthday and congratulated our comeback at the same time. I believe this day will be remembered as a very special day. I will work hard.”

Meanwhile, Orange Caramel is busy promoting their first full album, “Lipstick.”