After School member Uee attracted attention for a photo she uploaded of herself.

On August 7 Uee uploaded a photo to her Me2Day along with the message which read, “I’m out of the country now for some photo-shoots! I’m saying cheese on the beach! I can relax like I’m on vacation after a long day of work. Ah~ I feel good and happy. I’m able to forget the past and make a fresh start.” The following pictures were revealed next.

In the photographs Uee was pictured wearing over sized sunglasses which covered her face. She smiled sweetly as she was sunbathing on the beach enjoying the sun. It was her thin arms that were exposed while she wore a bikini that caught the attention and envy of netizens.

Those who saw the photos said, “Uee your sunbathing photos are so pretty,” “It looks like a professional picture,” “You’ve inspired me to go on a diet if I can look as good as you,” and “Uee is getting more and more beautiful, I would like to sunbathe if I could be as pretty as you.”