On the March 13 episode of SBS “Strong HeartAfter School’s Uee talked about the upgrade she got after receiving the KBS rookie award for acting in 2011. Lee Seung Gi asked, “After you became a star as an actress, we heard that things have changed for you, is this true?”

Uee replied, “The acting skills that were hidden because of my beauty finally came out last year. After receiving the rookie award, my entertainment agency upgraded my car to a van. The vehicle for After School is still a ‘Kia Carnival.’”

(The type of car that Uee is referring to is not flashy but used to fit in groups of people.)

Lee Seung Gi said, “I think your posture inside of your car has probably changed.”

(Lee Seung Gi is saying that Uee is probably sitting in a comfortable or cocky manner inside of her personal van.)