On April 26, singer/actress Uee won Best Newcomer Actress for the TV category at the 48th Baeksang Arts Awards.” She beat out other nominees, like Kang Sora and Kim Yoo Jung, and received the award for her role in KBS “Ojakgyo Brothers.”

For an actress who originally was just an idol, the Best Rookie Actress Award means a lot to Uee. She worked hard, one step at a time, to make the transition from an idol to an actress. Gradually, she showed that she is no longer just an idol but also an actress. Her hard work paid off and she proved her skills in the drama, “Ojakgyo Brothers.” She even won the “Best Female Rookie Award” at the “KBS Drama Awards” last year. Through her recent award at the “48th Baeksang Arts Awards,” she got to prove her capability as an actress once again.

Uee expressed her gratitude by saying, “I am so happy to receive the Best Newcomer Award. I want to say thank you to my family and the drama staff.” She continued, “Thank you very much to the After School members, who are in Japan right now practicing for the concert. It feels good to be here at this nice occasion. I really want to come again next time.”

Meanwhile, Uee will return to Japan in order to prepare for the first exclusive After School Japan concert tour, which is sold out.

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