After School’s Uee proves that she has a killer body even without the help of her kill heels. Many women strive to attain the golden ratio of body proportion by donning painfully high heels, yet Uee seems to be part of the minorities that were blessed with perfectly proportioned body without the help of what is now known as the women’s best friend, heels.

For a photo shoot, Uee displayed a variety of images as she donned short clothes that seemed to showcase the hot sunlight of the summer season to long pants and a shirt that seemed to embrace the bright warmth of spring time. It is from the photo where she is wearing a mint colored shirt and long white pants that highlighted her real body proportion. In that photo, she is wearing shoes that don’t have even 1cm of heel height, yet she shows off her flawless body ratio that many women would be envious of.

Netizens reacted  to her perfect photo shoot with words like, “It would just hurt our mouths to say Uee has a great body,” “It’s sickening how perfect her body is,” and “Her legs seem to go on forever” and many others that embodied their envy.

These untouched photos prove just how perfect Uee’s body really is.