U-Kiss Dong Ho lays bare the sad life of an idol. On the night of February 29, he posted to his Twitter, “The other members are having a good time filming, but…it’s just past 9PM here in Japan. I was told that underage people cannot participate in the filming. So, I’m here alone eating some corn flakes. Guys, hurry and come back.” Along with his Tweet, he posted a sad looking picture of himself eating cereal.

The cereal bowl, is actually the bowl that is often used for miso soup in Japan. This time, instead of miso, it’s filled with cornflakes. Dong Ho looks so lonely here, with his lips pressed to the bowl. Perhaps it’s a way to get some sympathy from nuna fans. Korean idols are busy running back and forth between Japan and Korea. But here, one young idol patiently waits until his older members return home. For netizens who took a peek at his picture, the responses were, “Oh my. How cute! I could just eat you up. Don’t you need some strawberries with that cereal?” and “I haven’t eaten cereal in a long time, now I want some.”