U-KISS’ Dongho became injured while practicing dance moves. According to NH Media on August 8th, Dongho hurt a knee cartilage while practicing dance moves for the title song in Osaka, Japan on August 5th. The official response from the hospital was that the injury wasn’t serious but he needed to have a cast on to protect his knee.

U-KISS is currently planning to return to South Korea in the middle of August to hold fan meetings and also appear on television.

A representative of NH Media stated, “Despite having a knee injury Dongho appeared on a celebration performance on August 6th. Although he couldn’t dance well because of his cast, he still did everything he could.

The agency is concerned about activities due to Dongho’s injury but U-KISS and Dongho together did not want to change their schedule because of the injuries.

U-KISS plans to release their second official album in September.