Currently U-Kiss Dongho’s preview of his upcoming Super Action drama “Holy Land” is gaining a lot of attention. The drama “Holy Land” will begin its broadcast on April 28. The story is about a weak protagonist that begins learning how to fight starting from boxing. Later, he begins to learn how to do other martial arts and becomes the best fighter on the streets.

Dongho will play the main character “Kang Yoo” and he will show the strong manly side of him that was hidden because of his boyish image.

In the preview, Dongho looks sad and is in tears within a dark corridor. The preview itself is a bit mysterious.

A representative of the Super Action channel stated, “The drama’s main character ‘Kang Yoo’ has a split personality that contains both a strong will and weakness. The preview was meant to give off the concept of the drama. We believe that the filming and organization of the clip coupled with Dongho’s acting appealed to viewers.”

Check out the preview yourself below: