For the past few months, we have seen K-Pop traveling around the globe. Europe, North America and even Australia. Now it is time for South America to have a K-Pop invasion as well.

We saw MBLAQ doing activities in Brazil and Peru, United Cube in Brazil and even JYJ, who held two concerts for the very first time in Chile and Peru. This time it is U-KISS‘ turn to visit their fans in Colombia for the first time in the group and the country’s history.

U-KISS will be standing in Colombian lands by May and will hold an event and a fan meeting as well. The event, called the “Evento 40” (which is an event held by a radio station, “los 40 Principales”) is a K-Pop reality project by LG, produced by Arirang and Caracol (a local TV station and radio in Colombia). It will be held on May 12. 

The fan meeting will be held the day before the “Evento 40,” on May 11 and most of the tickets for the “KISS ME” section (which is in the front) are almost all sold out, leaving two sections left: “HUG ME” (in the middle) and “LOOK AT ME” (in the back). The fan meeting is arranged by JM productions S.A.S, an official representative agency in charge of promoting ARIRANG TV over five countries: Colombia, Panama, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Fans in Colombia, are you ready? U-KISS will definitely show what they have got in this very first meeting with their Latin fans!

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