As U-KISS is actively promoting in Japan, we’ve reported about their great success a few months ago. They have yet again proved their popularity by entering the top 10 on the Oricon Chart.

While their first single, “Tick Tack” reached the number three spot on the daily singles chart, their second single, “Forbidden Love,” placed number nine on the first day it was released. Their first official album, “A Shared Dream,” also reached the number six spot on the album chart.

On the day of the album release, U-KISS held a fan event at the Tokyo Dome City and performed “Forbidden Love” along with “Tick Tack” and other songs. The event was sold out to over 2000 fans.

On March 2, U-KISS will kick off their Japanese tour, “U-KISS First Japan Live Tour 2012” at Sapporo.