On July 18th at Tokyo, July 24th at Nagoya and July 30th at Osaka, the boys of U-KISS have successfully concluded 6 fan meetings at 3 cities in Japan, a total of 10,000 fans have participated and enjoyed the performances brought by the boys.


We want to be the idols that are closest to fans!” the members shouted out to their fans at the event. Aside from performing five songs, including revealing the Japanese version of “0330” for the first time, the members played games and had a Japanese lesson with fans.

Leader Soohyun thanked their Japanese fans, “We’ve always wanted to be active in Japan, and thank to all of you who made our dreams come true. You are the reason for the existence of U-KISS.


Members also made the promise with fans that they will be working hard on studying Japanese. They later had a hi-five event with 5,000 fans after the fan meetings.

Their fifth mini-album “Bran New KISS” will be released in Japan later this month on August 24th.

Source: wowkorea.jp