In May U-KISS will perform at the Colombian pop concert “2012 EVENTO 40.” They will be the first Asian singers to appear on the concert. This will be the 8th year of “EVENTO 40.” Each concert has nearly 50,000 viewers. U-KISS will have the opportunity to perform alongside the worldwide pop star Shakira through this concert.

Besides U-KISS and Shakira, there will be 15 other pop artists/teams that will perform. The concert will go on from May 11 to May 12. Colombia’s “Caracol TV Principales” will oversee the concert. The concert itself will broadcast in the major countries in Central America.

U-KISS stated, “We are happy to appear on such a big stage as K-Pop’s representatives. We heard that K-Pop is popular in South America. It is the first time we are visiting Colombia. Because we are appearing as representatives of K-Pop we will try to spread the K-Pop virus, and also stir a U-Kiss boom”

On April 25 U-KISS will release their new mini album “DORADORA.”