U-KISS’s Hoon garnered a lot of attention for his action scenes, which showed his Tae Kwon Do skills. He is currently busy filming a fighting action drama, “Holy Land,” which will be on the movie channel, Super Action. In the drama, he plays the character “Tae Sik,” who holds a high rank in Tae Kwon Do. A still cut from the upcoming drama was revealed.

In the picture, Hoon can be seen with a perfect high kick that reaches far beyond the top of his head. It makes one wonder what kind of action Tae Sik will show.

More attention was received after people found out that Hoon has much experience in Tae Kwon Do in real life. He said, “I did Tae Kwon Do until high school and everything I learned helped a lot with filming, ‘Holy Land.’ Filming an action scene is hard but I worked really hard. I would be grateful if people enjoy watching it, as much as the amount of effort I put into it.”

“Holy Land,” which will be aired as four parts, is about a small, feeble-minded main character and how he becomes a street fighting champion. At first, he starts out with boxing. Afterwards, he learns other fighting techniques.. The drama is based on the Japanese comic of the same name. It will air its first episode on April 28.