Baby Mason Moon, known for his ulzzang (literally translated as best face) looks had gained much fame through modeling and acting roles in movie “Baby and I” which starred actor Jang Geun Suk.


On the 19th, three recent photos of the now toddler were updated onto his Cyworld, showing how much he had grown up over the years. One photo in particular shows Mason with comedian Chun Myeong Hun.


Netizens left positive messages behind such as “his smile is very cute,” “he is growing up well,” and that “Mason is cute no matter what expression is on his face.”


Mason Moon is born to a Canadian father and a Korean mother and has gained recognition due to his role in the movie “Baby and I” and partake in variety show, “Because I Like You.”


Mason with comedian Chun Myeong Hun






Check out the movie trailer of Mason’s movie, “Baby and I” (2008)


Source: Sports Chosun & Youtube