In a recent broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Kim Young Chul’s Power FM, actor Jo Byung Gyu made the shocking confession that he gives all of his earnings to his parents.

“Kim Young Chul’s Power FM” | SBS

The reason he does that is that he’s not confident in managing his own money.


So he receives a weekly allowance from them in return.

I don’t know how to manage my money, so my parents do it for me. I get an allowance from my parents every Tuesday. So by the time Friday or Saturday rolls around, there are times when my bank account balance hits almost zero.

— Jo Byung Gyu

This was after the revelation that Jo Byung Gyu once had ₩6,450 KRW (about $5.79 USD) left in his bank account.


According to Jo Byung Gyu, he began giving his earnings to his parents and receiving weekly allowance ever since he debuted.


But on the bright side, the amount of allowance has been going up every time he succeeded with a project.

I’m getting more allowance now than before. After ‘Hot Stove League’, my allowance went up to ₩200,000 KRW (about $180 USD), and after ‘The Uncanny Counter’, it went up again to ₩250,000 KRW (about $224 USD).

— Jo Byung Gyu


Jo Byung Gyu explained that although he has no choice but to be frugal with his spending, it’s actually all his own money.

If I want more money, I need my parents’ permission. They give it to me if the reason is reasonable.

— Jo Byung Gyu

“The Uncanny Counter” | Netflix


Luckily, Jo Byung Gyu expressed that he doesn’t actually need a lot of money for this daily life.

I don’t really buy clothes and stuff like that, so I don’t have many reasons to spend money.

— Jo Byung Gyu

Talk about minimal!

“The Uncanny Counter” | Netflix

And modest, too!