“The Undateables” cast has talked about what led to their decision to choose the drama, as well as shared a ratings promise!

The new drama follows the story of a man who rejects the idea of true love but writes a column about love (played by Namgoong Min), and a woman who dreams of finding true love but has given up on it (played by Hwang Jung Eum). The pair team up to help single people find a match, and end up falling for each other.

At a press conference for the drama on May 23, the actors were asked why they chose to appear in the show, and they all said it was because the script was fun. Namgoong Min said, “It’s fun but it doesn’t seem tacky, it’s actually refined.” Choi Tae Joon commented, “All the characters are lovable and fun.”

“I actually wanted to do something that was really sad,” said Hwang Jung Eum. “Then I ended up reading this script. I read it once and it got me curious, and when I read it the second time I thought, ‘I want to do this.’ After I read it a third time, I told the CEO, ‘I’ll do this.’”

Oh Yoon Ah said, “I wanted to take a break from taking on projects but when I read the script, the character Coach Yang was so innocent and endearing.” She explained, “I thought I could show a different side, a more innocent side, so I chose it.”

When asked about their ratings promise for the drama, the cast consulted with each other before Namgoong Min announced their decision. “If the drama surpasses 17 percent, the four of us will take selfies with 200 people in Garosu-gil,” he said. Garosu-gil is a popular area in Seoul’s Gangnam District that is famous for its beautiful scenery and upscale shops.

“The Undateables” made its premiere on May 23. Watch the first episode below!

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