All That

올댓 (All That)
Company:  In Planet


EachONE (이치원)
Position: Producer
Real name: 변상원 (Byun Sang Won)

Songs Produced
EachONE – 1st EP [TrackMaker Pt.I] 2007.05
Swagger – “What`s Your Name”, “Crunk Star”, ” I Know “, “Hello New World” from [Hello New World] 2008.06
Woopy – “Fuck wit me”, “This is not a love song” from [WOO PAINKILLER VOL.1] 2008.09
Unspoken – “What`s Your Name”, “So Sick” from [Remix INSTRUMENTAL CD Vol.1] 2008.11
ChinTrigger – “V.I.P”, “Outro”from [New Real Hiphop] 2009.01
Dynamite – “Without U”, “My Girl”, “82People” from [Ultimate Dynamite] 2009.01
All That – 1st Album [Touch Me] 2009.02
Answer – “이 밤이 가기 전에”, “Destiny” from [Rising] 2009.04
BMW Competition – “Neo Citizen” 인기상 수상 2009.04
길미 – “HeyboyPlayboy” from [The 1st Purple Dream Sound] 2009.06
Unspoken – “Like a Coke”, “I Need Ur Luv”, “Let me Touch U” from [Rainbow7] 2009.07
LG Telecom – “Google Map in Mobile” 광고 BGM 2009.07
G Market – “e쿠폰 이벤트” 극장용 광고 BGM 2009.07
Dead’P – “Nu Day” from [Lost & Found] 2009.08
All That – 1st Mini Album [이별] 2009.09
SK Telecom & Inplanet – Live Session 오프닝 BGM 2009.10
Lecoq sportif – Get Download with J’Kyun 광고 BGM 2009.10
YESFEZ – 황해경제자유구역 CNN TV광고 BGM 2009.10
Comma – “다시 웃으며” from [Beats Rhymes and Life] 2009.10
EBS Space 공감 공연 – 언스포큰 with Living Note 2009.12
Untouchable – 나를 떠나지마 (Feat. 이현 of 8eight) from [Untouchable Mini Album 2nd] 2010.02
2009 리드머 어워드 [올해의 알앤비 앨범], [올해의 알앤비 싱글], [올해의 알앤비 아티스트], [올해의 프로듀서] 부문 후보 2010.02
All That – 2nd Mini Album [Love Jam] 2010.03
제 7회 2010 한국대중음악상 [최우수 알앤비&소울 음반], [최우수 알앤비&소울 노래] 부문 후보 2010.03

콴 (Kuan)
Full name: 곽권 (Kwak Kwon)
Position: Vocal
Born: April 24th, 1986

Songs featured in
2006.10 Deffinite 1집 D-code [Feel the music]
2007.10 Outsider 1집 Soliloquist [난 행복해]
2008.06 스웨거 1집 Hello New World [I Know (Feat. K-Proud, EachONE)]
2008.12 소울커넥션 해피 크리스마스 [해피 크리스마스 (Feat. Csp, Still PM, Maslo, Jepp Blackman, Kuan)]
2009.02 다이나마이트 1집 Ultimate Dynamite [My Girl (Feat. Kuan aka K-Proud)].[Without U (Feat. Kuan aka K-Proud)]
2009.02 Flamini Big Shining LP [천국으로 편지 (Feat. K-Proud, 오아미)]
2009.02 All That 1집 Touch Me
2009.03 스나이퍼 사운드 One Nation [미치도록 (Feat. K-Proud)]
2009.03 감자 Eptizer (EP) [Good Bye (Feat. Kuan of All That)]
2009.04 소울커넥션 RapsodY [Hey Ma – Csp, Still PM, Maslo, JEPP (Feat. Kuan)]
2009.06 아웃사이더 2집 Maestro [Bleeding Luv (Feat. Kuan a.k.a K-proud)]
2009.07 이치원 Rainbow 7 [I Need Ur Love (Feat. Kuan, DirtyBlood)]
2009.07 Csp 2집 Come On Boy [너의 생일 (Feat. Still PM,Kuan)]
2009.09 All That 이별 (EP)
2009.11 Still PM Love & Verse 1/4 [I Know (Feat. Kuan)]


All That is a hip-hop duo consisting of EachONE (producer) and Kuan (vocalist). They debuted as a group in 2009 with their first album “Touch Me.” The album is filled with appealing tracks, surely to make you a fan. When listening to the album, you can hear how much potential the duo has.

Each song that Kuan sings in is caressed by his sweet, exotic voice. From tracks like Soul Connection’s Hey Ma to Outsider’s Bleeding Luv to All That’s Closer, he does not fail to impress. Kuan’s counterpart, EachONE, is not to be overlooked, though. Other than All That’s first album, EachONE has also produced songs like Gil Me’s “Hey Boy Play Boy” and Untouchable’s “나를 떠나지마.” His talent has earned him the nomination for this year’s 7th Korea Pop Music “Best RnB & Soul song.”

The composition of the songs is certainly creative. Kuan’s soothing tenor voice pitted against the generally interesting instrumentals makes their urban R&B music catchy and addictive. The driving beat mixed in with the acoustic piano and synthetic melodies provides a strong support for All That’s musical style. Sometimes the songs feature a slight jazz feel like their song “Closer”.



Touch Me (Album)
Released: 2009.02.24

01 . You Know What?! (Intro)
02 . Touch Me (Ft. J’Kyun)
03 . 아직
04 . 잊지 못해서 (Ft. Boi.B)
05 . Skit1 (Hot Bling Radio With Bling The Ca$h)
06 . 미안해 (Ft. Woopy)
07 . Delusion (Ft. Addsp2ch)
08 . I Know Pt.II
09 . Follow the Light (Ft. Nastyz)
10 . Skit2 (TakeONE Auction)
11 . 아직 (Instrumental)
12 . Delusion (Instrumental)
13 . Illusion (Ft. Chaboom)
14 . Hidden Track


이별 (Single)
Released: 2009.09.03

01. 지워 (Feat.J’Kyun)
02. 여기까지야
03. 아직 Remix
04. Skit 비 오는 날의 Radio
05. 지워 (Instrumental)
06. 여기까지야 (Instrumental)


Love Jam (EP)
Released: 2010.03.03

01. Take It Off (Feat.봄비,CEEJAY Of Frash Boyz)
02. Luv U Girl (Dirty Version)
03. Closer
04. Luv U Girl (Clean Version)
05. Take It Off (Inst.)
06. Closer (Inst.)



Kuan Live

Touch Me Live

Soul Connection ft Kuan – Hey Ma Live