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크림 (Kream)

Management: KREAM Records

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Full name: 김도훈 (Kim Do Hun)

Born: January 28, 1993

After a wait of eight years, super new artist Kream has finally debuted under his independent label KREAM Records. Kream brings out the aggressiveness and provocative feel of the single track “DALLA” through the lyrics of the song. One can catch a glimpse of his confidence from the music video, produced by production team Moriarty. Although the video is quite simple, Kream’s amateur but outstanding facial expressions and natural gestures make the track even more powerful.

Kream collaborated with Kim Park Chella and Souldive last November with their track “Adore You.” Not only did Kream feature in the song itself, he co-wrote the lyrics. Kream will be a performer at The Ugly Junction Live Vol. 28 on April 5th with such artists as Fana, DJ Wegun, Booba, and DG. 

Although Kream is new to the music scene, he has great potential as an artist especially with his sweet vocals shown through his cover videos.


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Released: 2014.03.05


02 DALLA (Inst.)



[MV] Kim Park Chella – Adore You (Feat. NUCK from SOULDIVE, Kream)