After revealing the fact that she’s currently dating on “Video Star,” UNI.T’s Yang Jiwon talked more about her relationship with her non-celebrity boyfriend.

The idol shared, “Because I am a celebrity, I have a lot of emotional ups and downs. So people with different careers may not understand me, but I’m grateful he understands and cares about all of these things. I’m happily dating a man who helps me without being a hindrance to my work.”

When asked what her boyfriend does for a living, Yang Jiwon briefly responded, “He works with videos.” Although she couldn’t help but hide her dating life ever since her debut in SPICA in 2012, she chose to be honest and confident with her fans after finding true love.

UNI.T will release their second mini album on September 18 6 p.m. KST. Once UNI.T promotions are all over, Yang Jiwon is planning to stand on the musical stage once again.

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