The upcoming movie “Perfect Others” (working title) has finalized its impressive cast.

“Perfect Others” is about a group of people who meet after a long time and learn each other’s secrets while asking the question, “What would happen if everything in your phone was revealed to other people?”

The four lead characters, who are all close friends, will be played by Yoo Hae Jin, Jo Jin Woong, Lee Seo Jin, and Yoon Kyung Ho. Yoo Hae Jin plays a lawyer named Tae Soo, Jo Jin Woong plays a breast cancer specialist named Seok Ho, Lee Seo Jin plays a failed businessman from a wealthy family named Joon Mo, and Yoon Kyung Ho plays a former elementary school teacher named Young Bae.

Yum Jung Ah will play Yoo Hae Jin’s wife, a sensitive woman named Soo Hyun worn out by taking care of their children, Kim Ji Soo will play Jo Jin Woong’s wife, a skilled psychiatrist named Ye Jin, and Song Ha Yoon will play the better half of Lee Seo Jin, a cheerful veterinarian named Se Kyung. “Age of Youth 2” star Ji Woo has also been cast as Jo Jin Woong and Kim Ji Soo’s daughter.

The director, Lee Jae Gyu, said, “I’m glad that a project I’ve prepared for a long time is finally seeing the light of day. It feels very dependable to be able to work with such trustworthy actors. I will show viewers a story that everyone can relate to in 2018.”

The movie began filming on December 27 and will be released sometime in 2018.

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