Currently news sources are reporting conflicting stories behind Kang Ho Dong and his wanting to leave “One Night Two Days.” As we reported earlier:

It is being said that he has told fellow members on the show that he would want to leave.

Currently KBS is in an emergency state as they are trying to stop Kang Ho Dong from leaving. The reason is that Kang Ho Dong cannot be removed from the show as he is the show’s symbol and also the eldest. Currently, all higher ups at KBS are trying to convince Kang Ho Dong to stay.

Therefore, it is still too early to tell whether Kang Ho Dong will actually leave the show or not. In the past, Lee Seung Gi was also trying to leave several shows but he ended up staying on. Currently, neither “One Night Two Days” nor Kang Ho Dong have made any official statements.


Now Dispatch has a conflicting report stating that they got on the phone with Na Young Suk PD of “One Night Two Days.” According to Dispatch, Na Young Suk PD stated, “This is the first time I’ve heard that Kang Ho Dong is leaving the show, this leaving rumor is not true. Kang Ho Dong or the production team of ‘One Night Two Days’ has never discussed his leaving. I don’t know why a story like this appeared.

City News does not state its sources but they have written that Kang Ho Dong told KBS “I want to rest now.”

After hearing the news/rumor about Kang Ho Dong leaving the show, Netizens have begun signing petitions. Their goal is to reach 10,000 signs within 30 days. In a matter of one day, the movement has received 4,000 signatures. Netizens are stating “If Kang Ho Dong is not a part of the program, ‘One Night Two Days’ does not exist, please don’t leave the show.”

Now if you are like me, you’d probably be thinking, what the hell is going on? And then you would want to hear if KBS has made any official statements yet.

Here is what KBS stated according to Sports Chosun:

KBS’ Jeon Jin Guk who is the “Variety Guk Jang” (A high position in KBS overseeing their variety shows) has stated that soon they will have an official statement.

Regarding an emergency meeting, Jeon Jin Guk stated, “We did not have an emergency meeting, we didn’t even meet Kang Ho Dong. Soon we will have a KBS official statement so please wait a little more.”

So! To sum things up, it looks like something IS going on, we just have to wait for KBS to make their official statement, because then Kang Ho Dong will probably make one as well.

Stay tuned as we will continue to update this story!