In the most recent issue of the Japanese lifestyle magazine, Anan, V confessed that he was so touched after BTS‘s concert at Rose Bowl Stadium in LA that he cried once he got to his hotel.

During the interview, the editor mentioned, “I heard your concert at Rose Bowl Stadium has become an amazing memory for you.


In response, V answered, “You can’t understand what we felt if you’ve never stood on that stage.” He added that the touching emotions, enthusiasm, and the passion of their ARMYs were overwhelming.

He also shared that his anxiousness and feeling of pressure all went away thanks to that and that he was so touched that the aftereffects transferred over to when he got back to his hotel.

V confessed, “Once I got back to my hotel, I cried by myself on my bed. I fell asleep like that, so I woke up with swollen eyes, but that was probably the first time I cried out of happiness.