The variety show “Real Man” has been a massive success lately and has been constantly at the top of the ratings charts on Sundays for the last several weeks along with it’s brother program “Dad! Where Are We Going?” The military themed show has gone to several units already, and it looks like the next unit they plan to conscript to might have a familiar face in actor Yoo Seung Ho.

A representative for the program has stated that the “‘Real Man’ members will be recording at a unit later this month” and that they have confirmed that it will be at the 27th Infantry Division , Eekija (Let’s Win) Reconnaissance Unit. The Ekija Unit also happens to be unit where actor Yoo Seung Ho is currently stationed at, serving his two-year mandatory national service requirement as an instructor within the unit. It will be interesting to see if he appears on the show as this wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity has appeared on the show during their service with Wheesung appearing on a previous episode.


Regarding that point thou, a representative for the program has remarked that “A meeting with Yoo Seung Ho is currently not anticipated. Wheesung also appeared by coincidence” and that “We don’t plan to pursue and organize a meeting with Yoo Seung Ho.”


Quick facts about the unit since I did the research and would hate for it to go to waste. The 27th Infantry Division, known commonly as the Eekija (Let’s Win) Reconnaissance Unit, is a unit responsible for reconnaissances along the east portion of the Military Demarcation Line near the region of  Hwacheon. Formed in 1953, they were the first ever unit that was given a name that was an actual Korean word, being called the “Eekija” unit.  The colors on the official mark are red and white with the red symbolizing victory and white symbolizing indomitable spirit.

With MBC’s sunday program comprising of” Real Man” and “Dad! Where Are We Going?” enjoying massive ratings success recently, going as high as a combined 17%, it will be interesting to see if the Real Man’s visit to the Let’s Win Unit will be enough to get the program past the magical 20% rating mark. Worth watching out for.