VICTON‘s Seungwoo recently participated in a pictorial and interview with Singles Korea. In his interview, Seungwoo shared his several opinions on music and revealed what he wants to try in his next solo album.

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At the beginning of the interview, Seungwoo commented on how often he makes music and when he gets inspiration.

Q: Are you the type to work on music every day?

Whenever I’m free, I try to make my way to the studio. I also listen to music whenever I’m going somewhere. The strange thing is that inspiration for lyrics always flows better when I’m going somewhere by car as opposed to when I’m working inside my studio. I’m am certainy inspired a lot by my environment. As soon as the space around me changes, I feel that my thoughts change as well.

— Seungwoo

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As far as his focus goes, Seungwoo shared that he wants his music to be comforting to his listeners. A sound that they can sympathize and heal with.

Q: What is the main thing you focus on when you’re working on your music?

I haven’t been able to figure that out yet. But, if anything has become clearer for me, I do know that I want to make music that may sound gloomy but can comfort people. I’d be happy if people could relate to my music and heal with it, despite it sounding a little lonely.

— Seungwoo

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On the topic of music, the interviewer then mentioned Seungwoo’s solo projects. Seungwoo made his first solo debut in August of last year with his mini-album “Fame.” Now that it’s been a while, fans are curious to know if Seungwoo has anything planned for his next solo album.

Q: If you were to release a 2nd solo album, what stories would you like it to contain?

I want to do music that is sincere an honest without being too specific. I’ve always received a lot of attention as an artist with strong performances, but now I want to be recognized as an artist who can sing well. I feel that it’s time for me to expand my musical boundaries, so people realize that, ‘Han Seungwoo is someone who loves and is really passionate about music.’

— Seungwoo


Seungwoo then mentioned how he has been figuring out the messages he wants to convey in his new album by listening to a lot of music.

Q: If you have any favorite songs or interests lately?

(My next) album. I am curious about how it will be completed. So these days, I listen to a lot of music I’m working on. It’s still unfinished, but it’s fun to think about what kind of story you’re going to tell while listening to the melody. I hope the guide will be completed as soon as possible. I can’t forget the pleasure at that time.

— Seungwoo

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