VICTON‘s Choi Byungchan is gaining love for his happy, sunshine-like visuals!

byungchan byungchan1

Many fans and netizens agree that even just looking at his photos can cause a smile to grow on their faces. People nowadays can’t help but notice how good-looking he is!

byungchan2 byungchan3

Choi Byungchan debuted with VICTON in 2016, and his popularity increased when he appeared on Mnet‘s Produce X 101 with labelmate and groupmate Han Seungwoo. Though he didn’t debut with X1, he still gained so much love and fans from the show.

byungchan6 byungchan4

With his happy-go-lucky visuals and model-like proportions, people are looking forward to more of Choi Byungchan in the future.

byungchan5 byungchan8

Byungchan is pretty and handsome.

– Korean Netizen