On the official viewer’s online forum of “Arang and the Magistrate,” a captured image from the first episode pointing out an error was posted and garnered much attention. The post is titled, “I found an error,” and the revealed captured image shows a forest at dawn, after Eun Oh (played by Lee Jun Ki) and Arang (played by Shin Min Ah) spend a night together.

As the sunlight shines onto the forest, there is a human figure in the left bottom corner leaning against one of the trees. This human figure, who looks like a male adult, is wearing a black outfit and looks rather pale. Such eerie image is causing much speculations among the viewers.

Netizens and viewers commented on this error, “Whoever found this is awesome, how can you see that? It’s so tiny,” “Is it a staff member? I hope he didn’t get in trouble,” “I really hope that is one of the crew members. If not, this is just freaky,” and “What if it really is a ghost? It’s a good sign for the show!”