The story of your life is soon becoming television reality, thanks to.”

“Dramaworld,” a 10 episode comedy-drama set in Los Angeles and Korea, will pay homage to millions of international K-Drama fans with a plotline that reflects their daily lives. The show is being co-produced by Viki, China’s Jetavana Entertainment, Korea’s EnterMedia Contents and Third Culture Content.

The story follows 20-year-old college student and K-Drama fangirl Claire Duncan (Liv Hewson) whom, with a touch of magic, gets transported into her favorite show with her bias, Joon Park (Sean Richard). Featuring a plethora of cameos and appearances by “Twilight’sJustin Chon, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, and “Hyde, Jekyll, Me’s” Han Ji Min, “Dramaworld” will debut worldwide exclusively on in early 2016.

“‘Dramaworld’ is our love letter to drama fans everywhere,” said Viki CEO Tammy H. Nam. “This sort of American/Korean web drama mash-up has never been done; we’re pushing boundaries everywhere, including the international co-production and distribution team from China, Korea and the U.S. We’re very excited to introduce this show to many millions of viewers and hope to break language and culture barriers in the most fun way possible.”

Are you looking forward to the show?