Visit Seoul’s website has crashed following the release of BTS’s new promotional track for the city.

At noon KST on December 6, the Seoul City announced that BTS’s “With Seoul” would be available to download for free on the official Seoul tourism website, Visit Seoul. Fans from all around the world rushed to the site to hear the song, and the sudden influx of visitors to the website caused the servers to crash only minutes after the song’s release.

A Seoul City representative stated, “We are looking into other ways to share the song, such as through social media services like Twitter. We did hear that while the servers were down, fans who had succeeded in downloading the audio file had shared it with other fans.”

“With Seoul” is still available for download on the Visit Seoul website, and a music video is set to be released on December 13 that follows the members of BTS as they visit some of Seoul’s best attractions. The full song is now also available on Visit Seoul’s official YouTube channel.

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