New girl group VIVID has released their debut music video for “Gotcha” today on YouTube.

The song is a energetic pop dance track with lyrics about finding out a cheating boyfriend. In the video, they are performing in what seems to be an empty theater and a lounge.

The members of this six person rookie group are Park Sung Hee, Showking, S2, Seed, Shin Ah Rum, and Jung Ah Young. They are said to have extensive experience in the music industry, which explains why they already have quite a following online among the K-Pop fandom.

Their debut mini album “Attention Me” was released yesterday on March 28.

Earler this week they revealed their teaser and dance practice videos for the song. New fans that are interested in the group should definately watch the dance practice video as it contains English subtitles and highlights which member is singing during the song. 

What do you think of their debut? Will they be able to stand out from all the other new group debuts this year?