VIXX has released a teaser clip for their upcoming track, Dae.Da.Na.Da.Nuh” (or “You’re Something Else“),  which has left many fans curious and excited at the same time!

VIXX’s “Dae.Da.Na.Da.Nuh” has already been introduced in a backward masking technique through an audio snippet, meaning that the song is played backwards to reveal some sort of hidden message!

The teaser also keeps that same backward masking technique as the clip is played from the end to the start. Fans are also wondering if the music video for “Dae.Da.Na.Da.Nuh” will be related to the “hyde” music video.

“Dae.Da.Na.Da.Nuh” will be part of VIXX’s repackaged album, “Jekyll,” which is set to drop on July 31.

Check out the clip below!