VIXX‘s second teaser for their upcoming second single “Rock Ur Body” has been revealed.

While their first teaser was released a few days ago and showed off a 8-bit video game concept, it gave little information about the real song and music video.

In today’s teaser, SISTAR‘s Dasom is seen entering an empty arcade. After wandering around, an arcade machine titled “Rock Ur Body” catches her interest. As she begins to play it, the music video is seen on the screen. The VIXX members are then seen dancing in a room full of tetris-like blocks and also with Dasom in the arcade.

The song and music video for “Rock Ur Body” will be released next week on August 14.

Coming from Jellyfish Entertainment, this six member group released their debut single “Superhero” on May 24. Along with their debut promotions, they have also been releasing episodes of VIXX TV on their official YouTube channel.