VIXX has grabbed the first place trophy on “Show Champion”!

On April 27’s episode of “Show Champion,” VIXX were up for first place against Block B, 10cm, CNBLUE, and Jung Eun Ji. VIXX takes the win, and Ravi thanks their fans, his fellow members, their staff, managers, and parents. “In return for this, we’ll become an even better VIXX in the future,” he promises.

When asked if he has anything else to say, Ravi yells, “Be careful not to catch a cold!” as the show was filmed outside in the pouring rain.

This is the group’s second win for their new track “Dynamite” after winning on “The Show” on April 26.

Watch their performance and win below!

This episode also included performances by Yesung, Jung Eun Ji, SEVENTEEN, Hyosung, Park Boram, NCT U, HISTORY, Yoo Sung Eun, Boys Republic, SNUPER, Laboum, KNK, ASTRO, Cosmic Girls, Geum Jan Di, and Two Star.

Check them out below!

Yesung – “Here I Am”

Jung Eun Ji – “Love Is Like the Wind”

Jung Eun Ji – “Hopefully Sky”

Hyosung – “Find Me”

NCT U – “The 7th Sense”

NCT U – “Without You”

SEVENTEEN – “Pretty U”


Park Boram – “Dynamic Love”

HISTORY – “Queen”

Laboum – “Fresh Adventure”

Cosmic Girls – “Mo Mo Mo”

Boys Republic – “Get Down”

ASTRO – “Hide & Seek”

Geum Jan Di – “Let’s Live in Seoul”

KNK – “Knock”

SNUPER – “Platonic Love”

Two Star – “Friendly”

Congratulations to VIXX!