On May 3, VIXX’s Hyuk took to his personal Instagram to reassure fans that he is recovering from his recent injury.

Hyuk shared a photo of strawberry milk and wrote, “Hi everyone, you worried a lot about me, right? I’m currently resting well after getting treated yesterday. A big part of me feels sad and apologetic about the change to our upcoming schedules, but since you told me to not be sorry, I’ll just feel sad instead!

“I will keep this heart in mind and repay your love with better performances once I recover. Please look forward to it~ I talked to you guys about health all the time, but I ended up getting injured…it’s a bit embarrassing.

“I hope you and I will stay healthy, and I hope only good things will happen to us! Hwaiting. (With strawberry milk, good for a full stomach).”

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안녕하세요. 여러분 많이 걱정하셨죠?! 저는 어제 치료 잘 받고 푹 쉬고 있어요. 여러분들에게 미안한 마음과 앞으로의 일정에 차질이 생겨 아쉬운 마음 또한 크지만, 미안해하지 말고 그런 말은 안했으면 좋겠다 했으니까 아쉬운 마음만 가지고 있을게요!! 이 아쉬움은 마음에 잘 담아두고, 회복 후에 더 좋은 공연으로 멋지게 보답할테니까 지금부터 기대해주세요~ 늘 건강건강 하던 제가 이렇게 다치고 나니.. 하하..참 민망하지만ㅎㅎㅎ 여러분도 저도 늘 건강하고 아프지 말고, 모두에게 좋은 일들만 가득하기를 다시 한번 바랍니다!! 화이팅? (With 배부를땐 딸기우유지) こんにちは。 みなさんにたくさん心配をかけましたよね⁈
僕は昨日治療を受けてゆっくり休んでいます。みなさんに申し訳ない気持ちとこれからの日程に支障が出てしまって残念な気持ちが大きいですが、「申し訳ないと思わないで、そんなことを言わないで」とみなさんが言ってくれたので、残念だなという気持ちだけ持っていることにします‼︎ この残念な気持ちは心の中にしまって、回復後にはもっと素敵な公演でカッコよくみなさんにお返ししたいと思いますので、今から楽しみにしていてください〜 いつも健康健康と言っていた僕がこうして怪我をする状況になって ハハ…本当に恥ずかしいですね笑笑笑
みなさんに僕もいつも健康で怪我をせず、みなさんに良いことだけが溢れるようにもう一度願いたいと思います‼︎ ファイティン? (With お腹がいっぱいの時はイチゴ牛乳でしょ)

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