Looks like VIXX‘s N has a bumpy road ahead of him as “Weekly Idol” new assistant MC!

On the recent episode, Jung Hyung Don and Defconn introduce their new assistant MCs who will be replacing A Pink‘s Bomi and BTOB‘s Ilhoon. As announced prior to the show, AOA‘s Mina, A Pink‘s Hayoung, and VIXX’s N will be working with the MC duo from now on.

Jung Hyung Don and Defconn call out their names one by one at the beginning of the show. However, the MCs decide to tease N and doesn’t call N’s name when it’s his turn.

Then Defconn jokes, “I hope it’s not VIXX’s N.”

weekly idol weekly idol n

Jung Hyung Don continues teasing N and tries to go on with the show without introducing him. Then N goes out on the set by himself, stands in the center, and says, “Hello, I’m VIXX’s leader N. I’m a fixed member.”

weekly idol n2

How do you think N will do on the show from now on?

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