The producing director (PD) of JTBC’s “Waikiki” commented on the dating news of actors Lee Yi Kyung and Jung In Sun.

On April 17, Lee Yi Kyung and Jung In Sun confirmed reports that they’ve been dating for a year. In the drama, the two actors appear in relationships with other actors. Lee Yi Kyung appears as Go Won Hee‘s boyfriend and Jung In Sun as Kim Jung Hyun‘s girlfriend on-screen.

The staff of the drama seem to have been totally unaware of Lee Yi Kyung and Jung In Sun’s relationship. They reportedly did not go on dates while filming and were completely focused on their own characters.

PD Lee Chang Min told OSEN, “I had no idea that Lee Yi Kyung and Jung In Sun were in a romantic relationship. I was so surprised when I found out about their relationship yesterday. When I first heard that they were a couple, I didn’t believe it. They didn’t show any signs and focused on their individual characters, so I didn’t know.”

He continued, “I think everyone didn’t know because Lee Yi Kyung and Jung In Sun didn’t show any indication of it. Because Joon Ki [Lee Yi Kyung’s character] and Yoon Ah [Jung In Sun’s character]’s episodes are separated, the only place where they met was Waikiki, so I think it was harder to notice it.”

Lee Yi Kyung and Jung In Sun were both cast in the drama through auditions. The PD said, “Lee Yi Kyung and Jung In Sun are both good actors. I hope they both cherish one another and continue to see each other.”

He added, “Since Lee Yi Kyung and Jung In Sun gained attention from this drama, I hope they actively promote and do well.”

“Waikiki” aired its final episode on April 17.

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