Wanna One’s upcoming unit name will be decided through fan votes!

It was previously revealed that the Wanna One members would be collaborating with artists — Block B’s Zico, Heize, Dynamic Duo, and Nell — on four unit tracks, and that the process would be revealed on their upcoming reality program “Wanna One Go: X-CON.”

On April 29, they announced the rules for the voting process through their official Twitter account. The voting period will be from April 30 at 1:01 p.m. KST until May 6 at 11:59 p.m. KST. Fans can go to vote for their favorite unit names on the group’s official website. The results of the voting will be revealed on the first episode of “Wanna One Go: X-CON” on May 7 at 8 p.m. KST.

The website also provided additional information on the voting process. Each ID will be allowed to vote once per hour, but fans will be able to vote for multiple unit names. It was also revealed that the Wanna One members had personally come up with the names themselves, though it wasn’t revealed which member had come up with which name. The website listed the contenders along with the reasons behind each potential unit name.

The contenders for the unit name are as follows:

“Number One” — an abbreviation for the phrase “the completion men hope for” in Korean

“The Heal” — represents their hope that their music can heal and comfort people

“Coffee” — represents their desire to make music that will help tired people wake up in the morning like coffee

“Fathom” — meaning “to understand,” encompasses how they wish to make music that will understand and comfort people’s hearts

“Just Dance” — a unit name that represents how they just want to make music that people can dance to and enjoy

“Only One” — a one-of-a-kind unit that has never before been seen in the music industry

“Like One” — meaning “to be like Wanna One” and “to like Wanna One”

“Triple Position” — like the Trinity, showing that the unit members are one

“Lean On Me” —  represents how they’re hoping people will listen to and rely on their music when going through tough times

“Man-Hol” — meaning “Man-holic” or “to be addicted to man,” shows how they want to capture the hearts of women with masculinity

“Nation’s Younger Brother” — since Wanna One was chosen by the nation’s producers, the unit members will once again receive love as the nation’s younger brothers. (“Nation’s Son” was the group name used by the contestants who performed “Never” on “Produce 101 Season 2,” many of whom were Wanna One members.”

Which one is your personal favorite?

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