On the December 9 episode of SBS’s “Master Key,” cast members and guests ran around trying to find clues in order to become the winner of this episode.

One of the games was called “Find My Pillow,” where the contestants came inside to a set where there were sleeping bags on the floor. After briefly laying down, they had to go find the pillows that had their own faces printed on them.

When the staff announced that they would be starting the game after five seconds, everyone got ready to bolt. When the start of the game was announced, people grabbed their coats and ran out the door to look for their pillow around the set.

However, one sleeping bag remained unmoving, with Kang Daniel fast asleep inside of it. The caption read, “He went to his dreamland to find his pillow.”

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan looked at Daniel and said, “He actually fell asleep. Let’s let him sleep for just five minutes.”

Then, Lee Soo Geun jokingly stepped on Kang Daniel, waking him up from his brief nap. Seeing no one else around him and everyone running outside, Daniel looked confused while asking the staff, “Did I sleep? Did I really fall asleep?,” before he got up and walked outside to join the others to find his pillow.

“Master Key” airs on Saturdays at 6:10 p.m. KST. Watch the latest episode of “Master Key” now!

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