Wanna One’s Park Ji Hoon has announced that he will no longer be doing his trademark aegyo.

On the May 12 premiere of JTBC’s new variety show “Idol Room,” Park Ji Hoon confirmed that he had decided to stop doing his signature wink and “save you in my heart” aegyo. When asked about his decision by host Jung Hyung Don, he nervously stated, “I’m going to graduate [from aegyo].”

Jung Hyung Don asked in surprise, “Have you received the consent of your agency and the national public?” Park Ji Hoon replied, “No, they haven’t yet agreed to it.” Jung Hyung Don jokingly remarked, “So this is a unilateral [decision].”

Park Woo Jin interjected, “This is real. Ji Hoon’s not just saying this here. We’re roommates, and when we were hanging out in our room together, he asked me, ‘Woo Jin, should I stop acting cute?’ I asked why, and he said, ‘I want to be cool from now on.’”

Park Ji Hoon explained, “To be honest, I think I’ve shown my cute side a lot, and now I feel as though I should show my cool side as well.”

The hosts then jokingly held a graduation ceremony for Park Ji Hoon, with the idol winking and doing his signature “save you in my heart” move for what was ostensibly the final time. However, Park Ji Hoon added regretfully, “If many people want it, maybe…” before Jung Hyung Don teasingly cut in, “No, you can never do it again, now that you’ve graduated.”

Park Ji Hoon then promised that if he ever ended up doing his trademark aegyo again, he would autograph his headset and give it to “Idol Room.”

Are you sad to see Park Ji Hoon’s wink and “save you in my heart” aegyo go? Leave your thoughts below!

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