Earlier, it was reported that former Wanna One‘s Lai Guanlin was captured by a netizen while smoking and spitting on the streets. Following the incident, an angered fan site decided to reveal all that she claims to know about him. The incident started off when the fansite uploaded the following post in reply to his apology. Lai Guanlin had promised to “not repeat the mistake” after the public criticized him for spitting in the streets.

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Don’t you mean that you won’t get caught on camera again instead? It’s not the first time you were caught on camera, if you repented then there wouldn’t have been the incident today. I knew you weren’t a cultured person ever since you scolded a fansite, “f*ck your mother”.

— Kuanlin_MEM

The fansite followed by telling fans “don’t scold me, I know way more than you guys. Don’t bite off more than you can chew“.

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The fansite also claimed that he had stopped posting daily life type of photos after his last update at a cat cafe, for fears that fans would go to the cafe to ask the staff who Lai Guanlin had visited with.

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His alleged girlfriend had also posted a photo of the same cat cafe around the same week.

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The fansite also found photos of the two taken allegedly on the same sofa.

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According to Weibo posts, the alleged girlfriend frequently uploads couple videos as well as videos taken during their time together on a Douyin (TikTok) account.

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She uploaded a video of two people holding hands and walking together.

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Fans have found that the shoe spotted in the video was the same one that Lai Guanlin frequently wears and has posted photos with prior.

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His fansite also claims to have uncovered Lai Guanlin’s secret social media handles, including a Douyin account that is used to like the videos from the alleged girlfriend’s account. The fansite claims that the dates and location all match up with Lai Guanlin’s multiple schedules. Douyin’s user location automatically changes in real time depending on the phone’s live location.

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On 27 September, Lai Guanlin was in Changsha for a schedule, and the alleged account was also shown to be in Changsha. On 10 October, the account’s location changed to Xining, as was his schedule.

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Neither Lai Guanlin nor his agency has spoken up on the matter.