The actor Yoo Seung Ho has transformed from a boy into a man for the SBS Mon-Tue drama “Warrior Baek Dong Soo.”

“Warrior Baek Dong Soo,” had its first broadcast on July 4th. The story is about a hero named Baek Dong Soo who was the best swordsman during the Joseon dynasty. The first episode contained martial arts and the story went by quickly. Currently Yoo Seung Ho is gaining a lot of attention, he plays the role of “Yeo Woon,” and is a lot bigger than he was four years ago. For the first time, Yoo Seung Ho is trying out an antagonist character.

In the drama Yoo Seung Ho is now all grown up with long hair and manly eyes. His sharp nose also enhances his manly charisma.

In 2007, Yoo Seung Ho played “Sung Jong” on the drama “The King and Me.” The drama had nearly 30% of viewership and Yoo Seung Ho was well known as the “national little brother.”

Check out the teaser for the drama:

Source: Star News